Head of Division - prof. dr hab. Anna Tylusińska-Kowalska

Members of Staff:

  • prof. UW dr hab. Adam Elbanowski
  • dr hab. Krzysztof Fordoński
  • dr hab. Tomasz Łysak
  • dr hab. Boris Schwencke
  • dr Gulia Cilloni-Gaździńska
  • dr Wanda Józwikowska
  • dr Dominika Michalak
  • dr Matteo Piccin
  • dr Piotr Podemski
  • dr Dario Prola
  • dr Małgorzata Trzeciak-Cygan
  • dr Orhan Wasilewski
  • mgr Ewelina Walendziak-Genco

Scope of research
Our staff conduct multi-field and interdisciplinary research into dialogue between cultures, the dialogue between literature and culture, intercultural communication, literary comparative studies, and historical motivation in contemporary international relations within and beyond the EU. Our interests also focus on (i) the history and literature of given linguistic regions and (ii) theory of literature and the intercultural role of translation (translation analysis and criticism, theory of literary translation, and the role of literary translation in intercultural dialogue). We are planning widespread international partnerships and exchanges with the US, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Russia.
International collaboration takes place with academic centres in the US, the UK, Italy, France and Belgium. We have close ties with the Institute of Italian Culture and the Italian Embassy in Poland.