Head of Division - prof. UW dr hab. Elżbieta Jamrozik

Members of Staff:

  • dr Monika Bałaga-Rubaj
  • dr Małgorzata Berezowska
  • dr Agnieszka Błaszczak
  • dr Maciej Durkiewicz
  • dr Mariusz Górnicz
  • dr Marta Kaliska
  • dr Łukasz Karpiński
  • dr Monika Konert-Panek
  • dr Małgorzata Kornacka
  • dr Adam Marchwiński
  • dr Mieczysław Nasiadka
  • dr Weronika Szemińska
  • mgr Alasdair Cullen
  • mgr Wojciech Drajerczak
  • mgr Sebastian Dudek
  • mgr Agata Kłodecka
  • mgr Dorota Kozakiewicz
  • mgr Aleksandra Leoncewicz
  • mgr Karolina Wolff

Scope of research
Research is conducted in two major areas: lexicology and lexicography.
Research in (diachronic, synchronic and contrastive) lexicology focuses on:
- morphological and word-formation processes, their productivity, lexical changes in a synchronic or diachronic perspective
- neologisms, their frequency and degree of fixedness
- borrowings and their integration with the host language; the role of English across European languages
- syntactic compositionality of words; the verb's valency; predicate-argument structure essential for translators and language teachers
- collocations and lexical fixedness
Research in lexicography concerns:
- the development of lexicographic methods
- the history of dictionaries
- contemporary lexicography
- principles governing the choice of a dictionary for a particular purpose
International collaboration takes place with academic centres in Italy, France and Belgium.