East-European Culturology

Head of Division - prof. dr hab. Ludmiła Łucewicz

Members of Staff:

  • dr hab. Bernadetta Wójtowicz-Huber
  • dr Janina Pietraszkiewicz
  • dr Joanna Piotrowska
  • dr Patrycja Spytek

Scope of research
Scope of research
We research the pivotal points of contemporary culturology: the most important of these is cultural transfer, i.e. a mutual exchange of spiritual values at a borderland of cultures and Eastern European literatures and their ties with Polish culture.  
In particular, research focuses on:
- intra-Slavic cultural contacts, their history and present state
- the Polish and Eastern European dialogue of cultures
- journalism and personal documentary literature in Eastern European countries: questions, values, similarities and thematic, linguistic and stylistic discrepancies
- the reception of Eastern European literatures in Poland
International collaboration is undertaken with academic centres in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Germany.