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REGISTRATION FOR LANGUAGE EXAMINATIONS – WINTER SESSION 2014/15 | The registration opens on November 17 and closes on January 21 | Where to register [more] | About university language examinations [more]

REFRESHER COURSES | Students who have failed the language examination test two times (and thus have used both examination tokens) are obliged to register for a 10-hour refresher on-line course. | Registration for refresher courses opens on November 24 and closes on January 19 | Registrations website [here]

دورات اللغة الإنجليزية للطلاب الأجانب  [premedical and language courses for students from Saudi Arabia]

LANGUAGE COURSES  [rules for particpation, courses offered at the Centre, registration procedure, course descriptions & learning outcomes, course credits, recognition of prior learning. summer and winter intensive courses, student ratings of instruction, our teachers, office hours, e-mails]

E-LEARNING PLATFORM  [e-learning platform for blended / hybrid courses]

EXAMINATIONS | CERTIFICATES  [university language examinations, language certificates for student exchange purposes, language examination procedure for PhD students, recognition of prior learning]

DISABLED STUDENTS  [additional forms of tuition, adjusting tuition and examinations to special needs, information for wheelchair users]

LANGUAGE CENTRE | UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF LANGUAGE PROVISION  [mission, authorities, language teachers, quality assurance, library, election commission, coordinators, Rector's Plenipotentiary, important documents, contact details]