Selection process:

  • TG1 validation done by the Home University.
    TG 3 eligibility check done by UNHCR or experts in the area concerned.
    TG 2 check done by Project Coordinating Team.
  • Proposed selection process at Host Universities:
    - Assessment of the applications (preferably done by the potential receiving departments/units), entering scores in the data base, and preparation of ranking lists of the best candidates, considering the department's existing cooperation, plans for sustainable cooperation in the future and strategies, capacity of study programmes;
    - Ranking lists for the whole university on the basis of the ranking lists sent by the departments, e.g. prepared by a hosting HEI coordinator, considering the university's existing cooperation, plans for sustainable cooperation in the future and strategies, capacities.
  • Selection Committee meeting and selection of the scholarship holders, on the basis of the scores and  ranking lists sent by the Partners Institutions (hosting HEIs), considering selection criteria and then gender balance, inclusion of  TG 3 candidates. Reserve list will be prepared. 
  • Eligibility check of selected candidates done by the Project Coordinating Team.
  • Confirmation of the acceptance of the nominees by the Host Universities.
  • Announcement of the results – information sent to candidates, acceptance of nominations.
  • Dealing with drop-outs.

Grading criteria for hosting universities (departments/units):


  • Language Proficiency - (0, 1)

0 - If required language certificate is not attached to the application or is not sufficient enough.

1 – If sufficient language certificate provided or if the candidate can be accepted without attaching the language proficiency proof (depending on the hosting university and level of study).


  • Matching - (0, 1)

0 - The candidate cannot be accepted by the unit he/she applied to due to the lack of documents, limited capacity of the programme, none or not enough matching to the programme chosen.  

1 – The candidate can be accepted by the unit he/she applied to.


  • Academic Merits - (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)

Grading of study or research results in the relevant study area, academic potential as for the discipline chosen by the candidate, motivation and recommendations (if provided, optional).


  • Established Cooperation for PhD, PostDoc and Staff mobility only (0, 1)

Based on the Intention of cooperation letter and/or recommendations issued by the prospectus host university and/or cooperation established previously even without providing a letter proving it.


Selection criteria:

  • Eligibility (proper Target Group chosen, registration at HEI if application for short-term exchange mobility, documents complete)
  • Priority (choice) – 1st mainly; 2nd choice for UG and TG3 candidates due to limited number of such candidates
  • Scores (5 and above; from the highest to the lowest)
  • Distribution by levels of study
  • Distribution by Target Groups
  • Distribution by sending countries
  • Distribution by hosting Higher Education Institutions