Erasmus Mundus Action 2 - SALAM Project - Nominee list as of 18 June 2013

Each nominee has been notified by email on special conditions and additional requirements connected with further steps of the scholarship application. In some cases the offer may differ slightly from what you applied for (eg. length of the scholarship). Please read your email carefully before accepting the scholarship. Nomination emails have been sent to you with CC to your Host University, and in case of TG1 to Home University.

Final decission shall be granted on condition that all requirements of the Host University are fulfilled by Nominee.

More nominations are possible on Undergraduate level only. New nominees will be contacted directly.

The list is complete for Master, PhD, PostDoc and Staff level. New nominations on those levels are possible only if nominees reject the scholarship already granted or do not fullfill additional requirements of the Host University.

SALA1200054 Undergraduate
SALA1200923 Undergraduate
SALA1200991 Undergraduate
SALA1201390 Undergraduate
SALA1202799 Undergraduate
SALA1203053 Undergraduate
SALA1203058 Undergraduate
SALA1203284 Undergraduate
SALA1203361 Undergraduate
SALA1205341 Undergraduate
SALA1205708 Undergraduate
SALA1207244 Undergraduate
SALA1207493 Undergraduate
SALA1208157 Undergraduate
SALA1208550 Undergraduate
SALA1209551 Undergraduate
SALA1210148 Undergraduate
SALA1210538 Undergraduate
SALA1210570 Undergraduate
SALA1210690 Undergraduate
SALA1210691 Undergraduate
SALA1211865 Undergraduate
SALA1201575 Undergraduate
SALA1203061 Undergraduate
SALA1206784 Undergraduate
SALA1208544 Undergraduate
SALA1209540 Undergraduate
SALA1206119 Undergraduate
SALA1207621 Undergraduate
SALA1210594 Undergraduate
SALA1208171 Undergraduate
SALA1200169 Master
SALA1200312 Master
SALA1200483 Master
SALA1201224 Master
SALA1201510 Master
SALA1201811 Master
SALA1201949 Master
SALA1201979 Master
SALA1202004 Master
SALA1203228 Master
SALA1203586 Master
SALA1204125 Master
SALA1204261 Master
SALA1204349 Master
SALA1205387 Master
SALA1205974 Master
SALA1206897 Master
SALA1207983 Master
SALA1208281 Master
SALA1208507 Master
SALA1208831 Master
SALA1209131 Master
SALA1209760 Master
SALA1209937 Master
SALA1210412 Master
SALA1210530 Master
SALA1211471 Master
SALA1212270 Master
SALA1204305 Master
SALA1206136 Master
SALA1209634 Master
SALA1204422 Master
SALA1202146 Master
SALA1211200 Master
SALA1200276 PhD
SALA1200412 PhD
SALA1200649 PhD
SALA1200737 PhD
SALA1200813 PhD
SALA1201059 PhD
SALA1201255 PhD
SALA1202860 PhD
SALA1203450 PhD
SALA1204134 PhD
SALA1204147 PhD
SALA1207137 PhD
SALA1207246 PhD
SALA1208264 PhD
SALA1210197 PhD
SALA1204156 PhD
SALA1212172 PhD
SALA1200509 PhD
SALA1204654 PhD
SALA1204157 PhD
SALA1201913 PhD
SALA1202005 PhD
SALA1203910 PhD
SALA1200589 PhD
SALA1200135 PostDoc
SALA1200185 PostDoc
SALA1200711 PostDoc
SALA1201775 PostDoc
SALA1203167 PostDoc
SALA1206445 PostDoc
SALA1206497 PostDoc
SALA1206617 PostDoc
SALA1208919 PostDoc
SALA1210865 PostDoc
SALA1203133 PostDoc
SALA1200443 Staff
SALA1201524 Staff
SALA1201529 Staff
SALA1201802 Staff
SALA1202972 Staff
SALA1203032 Staff
SALA1203347 Staff
SALA1203404 Staff
SALA1203510 Staff
SALA1203603 Staff
SALA1203851 Staff
SALA1204703 Staff