You will receive a nomination e-mail. Please confirm the acceptance of the scholarship offer (YES) or refusal (NO) by e-mail within 6 days of the date of the nomination e-mail. Please note that the offer is conditional: you have to be eligible and to fulfil the requirements of the host university and the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programme. If you don't respond within 6 days, the scholarship may be offered to another candidate.

In case of acceptance, you will receive a contract which needs to be signed by you.

The nomination letter includes the details of your scholarship and the e-mail address of your SALAM Contact Person at the host university. Please contact them about your study programme/activities, start and end date of your mobility, admission requirements, any additional documents required, services, practical information, etc. Please prepare your Learning Agreement/Work Plan and have it signed by the appropriate persons at the host and home university. This will ensure transfer of credits/skills/qualifications and recognition in your home country. Nominees for full degree programmes need to follow the procedures of the host university.

Your travel and insurance will be arranged by SALAM 2 Coordinating Team.

If you have any specific questions, please contact SALAM 2 Coordinating Team (salam@uw.edu.pl), or SALAM/SALAM 2 Contact Person at your host university. Please use your SALAM 2 number in all coversation sent to us (i.e. 2SAL....number), otherwise your message can be treated as spam or replied to with great delay.



You will receive an e-mail with information that you haven't been nominated. If you have any questions, please contact SALAM 2 Coordinating Team: salam@uw.edu.pl

Please note that there may be some drop-outs and refusals. In such cases, applications of the best candidates among those who haven't been selected will be taken into consideration. This process may take up to a few months from the date of the publication of SALAM 2 second cohort selection results. The last mobility flows must begin in December 2015 at the latest (except for staff, whose mobility may take place throughout the whole life-cycle of the project).

If you haven't been nominated, it is your right to submit a letter of appeal. Before you decide to do so, please read carefully all the information under the bookmark "Application" on SALAM website. In particular, pay attention to the information on the selection criteria and eligibility criteria as well as documents required. The appeal procedure is as follows:

- Write a letter of appeal and state the reason why you are submitting it. Please give your name and UID number (2SAL..... number).
Make sure that you have read the eligibility criteria and selection criteria.

- Send a scan of this letter by e-mail and the original by post to SALAM 2 Coordinating Team:

SALAM 2 Coordinating Team
Uniwersytet Warszawski
Biuro Współpracy z Zagranicą
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warszawa, Poland
e-mail: salam@uw.edu.pl

(Yemeni candiadtes who are facing problems with sending the original via regular mail can only send a scan)

- Write in the subject field / on the envelope: "Letter of Appeal (2SAL....number)"

- The deadline to submit the letter of appeal: 21st August 2015.

- SALAM 2 Selection Committee will consider all the valid appeals and the decision will be provided within 3 months from the date of the receipt of the letter of appeal.

Letters of appeal sent after the deadline will not be considered. Appeal letter must contain SALAM candidate's number (2SAL....), otherwise will not be treated as valid.


SALAM 2 accepted candidates (1st cohort):


2SAL1300160 Undergraduate
2SAL1306110 Undergraduate
2SAL1303138 Undergraduate
2SAL1307815 Undergraduate
2SAL1300074 Undergraduate
2SAL1300448 Undergraduate
2SAL1301019 Undergraduate
2SAL1302188 Undergraduate
2SAL1309159 Undergraduate
2SAL1309662 Undergraduate
2SAL1305059 Undergraduate
2SAL1305451 Undergraduate
2SAL1305763 Undergraduate
2SAL1308762 Undergraduate
2SAL1301606 Undergraduate
2SAL1300044 Undergraduate
2SAL1303436 Master
2SAL1300193 Master
2SAL1309694 Master
2SAL1303118 Master
2SAL1304640 Master
2SAL1308100 Master
2SAL1307681 Master
2SAL1300762 Master
2SAL1301500 Master
2SAL1304909 Master
2SAL1306161 Master
2SAL1301509 Master
2SAL1307059 Master
2SAL1304035 Master
2SAL1300282 PhD
2SAL1308794 PhD
2SAL1301598 PhD
2SAL1306105 PhD
2SAL1309351 PhD
2SAL1301604 PhD
2SAL1302220 PhD
2SAL1303592 PhD
2SAL1300020 PhD
2SAL1300080 PhD
2SAL1303720 PhD
2SAL1300121 PhD
2SAL1300425 PhD
2SAL1301132 PhD
2SAL1302458 PhD
2SAL1303769 PhD
2SAL1304146 PhD
2SAL1301316 PhD
2SAL1305434 PhD
2SAL1303977 Post-doctorate
2SAL1304034 Post-doctorate
2SAL1303365 Post-doctorate
2SAL1304511 Post-doctorate
2SAL1305223 Post-doctorate
2SAL1308581 Post-doctorate
2SAL1304476 Post-doctorate
2SAL1304746 Post-doctorate
2SAL1307576 Post-doctorate
2SAL1306798 Post-doctorate
2SAL1301041 Staff
2SAL1301355 Staff
2SAL1301762 Staff
2SAL1303883 Staff
2SAL1304162 Staff
2SAL1301792 Staff
2SAL1302481 Staff
2SAL1303372 Staff
2SAL1307950 Staff
2SAL1308210 Staff
2SAL1303439 Staff
2SAL1307826 Staff
2SAL1306651 Staff
2SAL1303868 Staff
2SAL1302150 Staff
2SAL1300524 Staff

SALAM 2 accepted candidates (2nd cohort):

2SAL1400401 Undergraduate
2SAL1400481 Undergraduate
2SAL1400813 Undergraduate
2SAL1400851 Undergraduate
2SAL1400868 Undergraduate
2SAL1400915 Undergraduate
2SAL1400949 Undergraduate
2SAL1400951 Undergraduate
2SAL1400985 Undergraduate
2SAL1401000 Undergraduate
2SAL1401007 Undergraduate
2SAL1400629 Undergraduate
2SAL1400734 Master
2SAL1400589 Master
2SAL1400688 Master
2SAL1400823 Master
2SAL1400891 Post-doc
2SAL1400512 Post-doc
2SAL1400710 Staff