Multimodal Communication: Culturological Analysis


The methodology of corpus analysis comprises the following elements:

  • Transcrirption conventions HIAT, GAT, Berner;
  • Culturological analysis (macrolinguistic, microtextual analyses as well as speech acts and politeness acts analysis, i.e. representative, supportive, reparative acts), conversational analysis (turn-taking analysis, sequential analysis, analysis of the markers), kinetic display analysis;
  • Vocal display analysis;
  • An analysis of the interaction of verbal, vocal and kinetic displays (parasemantic functions) through a morphostructural analysis as well as functional analysis of semantic actions. 

Expected results and transfer thereof

The results of the research will be presented during the Project execution as well as after its completion at scientific conferences/ workshops, in scientific publications (scientific articles and monographs), doctoral dissertations, magisterial theses etc. The Project gives young Polish researchers an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in culturological research methodology of face-to-face interactions and corpus linguistics. This practical knowledge can result in the development of subsequent scientific projects and didactic programs in culturology and glottodidactics.      


Politeness, impoliteness, verbal aggression, nonverbal communication, suprasegmental aspects, communicative and ritual balance