Head of Division - dr hab. Magdalena Olpińska-Szkiełko

Members of Staff:

  • prof. dr hab. Tomasz Czarnecki
  • prof. UW dr hab. Silvia Bonacchi
  • dr Agnieszka Andrychowicz-Trojanowska
  • dr Ilona Banasiak
  • dr Marcin Łączek
  • dr Włodzimierz Majewski
  • dr Grzegorz Pawłowski
  • dr Janina Pietraszkiewicz
  • dr Piotr Romanowski
  • dr Małgorzata Szuk-Bernaciak
  • dr Reinhold Utri
  • dr Ewa Zwierzchoń-Grabowska
  • mgr Anna Chałabiś
  • mgr Edyta Maciejak
  • mgr Krystyna Mikosa

Scope of research
The subject of in-depth research conducted by the Department of Language Theory and Acquisition are different issues related to linguistics, glottodidactics and translation studies. In particular these are the problems regarding various theories of language, semantics, theories of first and second (foreign) language acquisition, Polish-German comparative (contrastive) linguistics, didactics of specialist languages and questions concerning terminology and lexicology of specialist languages. The range of intricacies requiring a very detailed investigation in our Department is constantly evolving. The existing output of staff members is a testimony to numerous theoretical solutions and applications pertaining to the practice of specialist language teaching as well as translation of specialist texts. Last but not least, it is worth implying that our scientific and research activity will soon result in diverse postdoctoral dissertations.
International and home cooperation with universities in Poland, Germany, China and Japan.