Dear Students of the first year,

Surely you have heard by now, that the staff and students
of the University of Warsaw in their official communications should use the e-mail addresses associated with the University. Some Departments have mail servers for their students. Everyone else can sign up at the central student post office, working in domain. Over the past few years, this e-mail was based on the own solutions of the University, and for a few months is based on Google Apps. Roughly speaking - Google Apps is Gmail running in the university domain (with addresses), and administered by the University.

In this academic year, we decided to set up email accounts for newly enrolled students. This of course does not apply your colleagues who, after admission to studies, already activated their account. Senior years students, who for some reason have not yet created student email account, will continue to do it themselves.

Your new email address is:
Your e-mail password: password

You can access the webmail at
using your login and password above.
The password can be changed at any time in your mail settings. It is independent of your password in the Central Authentication System (used e.g. in USOSweb and token registration service). If you forget your Google Apps password, use the website where you can set a new one.

More about the new mail can be found on . In case of problems with the mail, which the Google help pages does not solve, please contact us at

This message has been sent to your address listed in the USOS system. At the same time address in USOS has been changed to and to that address will be sent message from USOSweb (so-called U-MAIL). The change will affect USOSweb systems within several hours.

Department for Computer Networks Team, University of Warsaw

About Google Apps account

Account quota:  25 GB
SSL encrypted

webmail is available at:

adresses are generated in the format: