MCCA is an interfaculty research team for culturological multimodal analysis. Within the research team, the following [Projects] are realized. By multimodal analysis, we understand an integrated analysis od communicative displays (verbal, vocal and kinetic displays). When we analyze some material from culturological perspective, we assume that every communicative activity is deeply imbedded in cultural context. We treat culture as a complex and dynamic phenomenon that can and must be analyzed on several levels. By this, we mean culturological research, i.e. research in the field of cultural, intercultural and intracultural linguistics. Thus the aim of the research team is to integrate interdiscplinary tools for multimodal analysis, including transcription and annotation methods that would be compatible with existing programmes according to international standards from culturological perspective. An important aspect of our activity is comparative and intercultural work. In this way, we want to create an open platform for the exchange of theoretical, methodological and methodical reflexion in the field.