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Can these eyes lie? - A few words about the application of eyetracking in linguistics

On the 3th of March 2016 at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics (ul. Dobra 55) took place the panel of experts "Applied linguistics and new technologies - eyetracking studies". It was organized on the occasion of 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw as the part of the conference "Applied linguistics - what is it?". The panel was led by: dr Monika Płużyczka (the head of our Laboratory) anddr Agnieszka Szarkowska (Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw). The special guest was dr Agnieszka Lijewska (Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University). read more



The program of IV Polish Conference on Eyetracking


Here you can find the program of IV Polish Conference on Eyetracking.

IV Polish Conference on Eyetracking (7-8th of April 2016)

We invite you to participate in IV Polish Conference on Eyetracking, organized by NeuroDevice Grooup in cooperation with Institute of Specialized and Intercultural Communication and Eye-Tracking Experimental Linguistics Laboratory (University of Warsaw), which takes place on 7-8th of April 2016 in Warsaw (venue: Library of the University of Warsaw, ul. Dobra 56/66).

Important dates:

Deadline abstracts: 12.02.2016

Notification of acceptance: 26.02.2016

More information:




SMI Eye Tracking & Children's Understanding of Morality

How do young children make sense of moral actions? This study combined SMI eye tracking with EEG to deliver fascinating results  (click on the picture to watch he video):



How Eye Tracking Can Help Older Readers

Elizabeth Stine-Morrow and her Adult Learning Lab investigate the differences between younger and older readers using eye tracking technology (click on the picture to watch the video):



Reading Studies: Increasing Reading Speed and Comprehension

Speed reading techniques are a much discussed topic that has gainded many followers over the last decades. Studies conducted are often disputed, but agree on a natural trade-off between reading speed and comprehension levels (click on the picture to read more):


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