Eduroam project defines two wireless networks: eduroam-open and eduroam. Eduroam-open network allows you to access this website - here you can find all the instructions describing how to connect to eduroam network.

Internet access is available only through eduroam network.  

eduroam configuration

Instructions describe eduroam network access configuration for all students and employees of Warsaw University, who have active account in Centrallnym Systemie Uwierzytelniania UW (UW Central Authentication System).

Users from other institutions participating in eduroam project should configure their access according to their instituion rules and instructrions .


Before accessing eduraom network, change your password on

Below you can find recommended configuration for devices with Microsoft Windows 8:

1. Using your web browser go to website. You can change website language at the upper bar

2. Click "download your eduroam installer" banner

3. Choose University of Warsaw from popped-up list

4. Choose Windows 8 as your installation system

5. Run installer

6. Accept welcoming info and click "Next"

7. Make sure you have chosen correct institution and continue
8. Type in your username in <PESEL> format, your password and click Install"
9. Installer installs wireless networks profiles and certificates
10. Close installer by clicking "Finish"
11. Choose eduroam form available wireless networks
12. You should be connected in a moment  


In case of any issues please use our forum to describe your problem: .